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National and international shipping of wine and spirits along with the required documents

Prior to shipping wine and spirits, we run through ameticulous order preparation process in order to ensure that delivery of the goods to the recipient goes perfectly smoothly. The process includes inspecting the condition of the goods, packaging them properly in shipping cartons or on stretch-wrapped pallets (Euro pallets, one-way pallets), and addressing the shipment in compliance with the requirements and specifications applicable to the means of transportation.We prepare the necessary freight documents for our customers, and take care of the IT-supported » customs clearance of imports and exports.

Depending on the requirements, we can then prepare the goods for pick-up or load them onto trucks (including Euro pallet swaps, if needed) as full loads or less than full (partial) loads.

We notify the recipients of the delivery, so that they can be there to accept the goods. At the same time, we send our customers feedback about the shipment, including information about the transport data and updated inventory status.

If you have any questions about shipping wine and spirits, we’ll be glad to assist you:
 Phone: +49 (0)4101 7968-0