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The name "Eco-Tax" changes into "Péages de transit poids lourds" and will start with 1st Januar 2015 for all vehicles over 3,5 t.

Source: https://www.ecotaxe.de/index.php?id=peagedetransitpoidslourds

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Eco-Tax in France will start with 1st October 2013. You can find here more key information on following site: http://www.ecotaxe-france.com/  

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More manpower in our team import sea since January 2nd. Mr. Christian Bakula will support the IWS Team and speaks german, polish and english.

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The “electronic administrative document” (e-AD) becomes compulsory as of January 1, 2011

With the launch of the Excise Movement and Control System » (EMCS), the EU has introduced an IT system that enables paperless administration of the movement of goods subject to excise duty within the European Community. By modernizing the process, the EU’s intent is to considerably increase the speed and transparency of transport processes.

As of January 1, 2011, all such movements must be initiated using the “electronic administrative document” (e-AD). To enroll in the system, companies can download the relevant documents after registering with the respective federal customs administration by entering their excise tax number, their certified EMCS software, and their interface to access the communication network of the customs administration. With the simplified version, a company can use the communication options within the EMCS, but will need an ELSTER certificate to do so. For more information, visit the German Customs Administration website » Zoll.

In general, the transport service providers also take care of the customs declarations in EMCS, since they are already registered in the system.



If you need a customs declaration agent for EMCS (mandatory as of January 1, 2011), please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to assist you.

If you are already registered with the program and would like us to assist you with a shipment, please enter your data in the » Form (please click) and send it to us via e-mail or fax.